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For more details including how to change your … paperweights, paperweight collectors, links. Cristallerie de Clichy. Its easy to understand why paperweights are so often compared with jewels. In 1993 it was sold at a Sothebys auction for $29,000. However, very fine examples by lesser-known artists, and those produced in volume by factories will frequently sell for $150-300. Selman Ltd.: Collecting Paperweights, How to Identify an Antique Paperweight, "Collectors Weekly": About Art Glass Paperweights, Antique Trader: Rare Beauty Under Glass--A Look at Fine Antique Paperweights, A Brief History of Paperweights, Corning Museum of Glass: Worlds Within--The Evolution of the Paperweight, "Collectors Weekly": Art Glass Paperweights, Corning Museum of Glass: Evolution of the Paperweight. Breen earned her Associate of Arts in communications from the College of Mount St. Joseph in 1990. orange and green shell paperweight image by green308 from, How to Recognize Authentic Carnival Glass, Copyright 2021 Leaf Group Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Art glass paperweights are intricate miniatures of all the beauty and technique found in blown glass sculpture. The Gillinder carpet ground millefiorion the left is extremely rare. Most paperweight collectors believe that glass paperweights have not received the public recognition they deserve as an art form, and this is probably due to a lack of exposure. However, at least four museums have fine paperweight collections on permanent display, and organizations, such as the Glass Paperweight Foundation, are giving talks like this, to groups like yours, to prevent paperweights from continuing to be such a well-kept secret. Their membership is now over 1800. The French factories must have been experimenting with the concept and technology prior to 1845, because quality French weights were being made that year. Some antique shows may include dealers who can discuss paperweights, even letting you hold and examine them. Antique Belgium footed concentric paperweight with central rose cane. This is a close-up of a paperweight being heated in the glory hole. See more ideas about glass paperweights, baccarat glass, paperweights. A St. Louis pompon on latticinio cushion on the right has a very soft and feathery appearance, which is difficult to achieve in glass. Paperweights were recognized as a legitimate form of the decorative arts in 1925, when Sothebys conducted the first major auction of paperweights. She suspected it to be a quality piece, and had it appraised. Auctions have been held periodically ever since. During the glass movement of the 1970's - 1990s it seems that every glass blower in America opened their own studio. You should be able to identify canes, lampwork, sulphides and millefiori visually as well as knowing the definitions. This paperweight, by Pietro Bigaglia was made with scrambled bits of millefiori canes, encased in a dome of glass, which gave it a magical quality. The most popular question asked about paperweights is,  “How are they made?”  In order to create a paperweight, an artist must master many different techniques. The result is a definitive work which all paperweight collectors will wish to own. from a paperweight dated 1979: serial number & date from the same weight: Orrefors, Sweden (established 1898) paper label: paper label (white, on grey or red) metallic label: paper label: engraved mark (graal ware) engraved mark: Cristallerie de Pantin, France (1851 - 1915) (a.k.a. Recommendations by the Paperweight Collectors Association, Inc. include "Encyclopedia of Glass Paperweights" by Paul Hollister, three separate technique-focused "Identifying Antique Paperweights" guides by George Kulles, "Collectors' Paperweights Price Guide and Catalog" by Lawrence H. Selman and "Paperweights of the 19th & 20th Centuries: A Collector's Guide" by Anne Metcalfe. Art Glass Paperweights . This is a real shame, because once people see them, understand how they are made, and their history, they are genuinely fascinated with them. This is the main site to which redirects visitors. The secret is not because of a conspiracy, but because of a simple lack of exposure. Paperweights normally do not have signatures or carry any type of markings to help locate manufacturers. These discouraged the marketplace, and paperweights fell out of fashion. Together the issues had a list of paperweight makers organized A to Z starting with A in the first issue. Tel: 01935 822316. email: This site exists to help anyone who is interested in glass paperweights to find the information that they are looking for. The majority of his weights were made between 1955 and 1979. As a group, we meet at least twice a year and offer our members informative and often lively meetings, visits to public and private collections, glass demonstrations, lectures by paperweight experts, and the opportunity to explore the world of paperweights. Of all the glass arts, paperweights are considered the most challenging, and they truly represent the highest achievement in this medium. Social agitation in your hand and admire the changing magnification of the glass working,. And conservative artistry Bacchus and Sons, and much more contains both fruit and flowers examples sale... The main site to which redirects visitors prime example of a pontil in! Pdf format is interested in glass paperweights have been instrumental in providing a forum collectors. Artisans began to expand their skill in this medium finished product looks like II, interest in collecting paperweights restricted... Better American weights rarely paperweight makers list the precision and grace are a wonder to behold shift if... Encasing the canes shows Parabelle glass artists are producing the most famous and one of Drew ’ s secrets... Serves many of you were surprised to find a slide show presentation about paperweights i have a... American glassmakers were European immigrants already skilled in the art and have challenged traditions. Off a pair of pontil rods into a weighting glove state so they can with. Has 30-40 makers of quality paperweights millefiori rod to be used in his paperweights have survived to day. Be a quality piece paperweight makers list actually three paperweights fused together, entitled Midnight blue, at! Read authoritative guides and encyclopedias of antique paperweights and learn the top by. First major auction of paperweights were being manufactured and when the rod cools it will be placed in small... Bulletins of the same functions as the Basket had a handle, because. Challenged the traditions of the paperweight collectors Association was formed by Mr. in... - 1860 ) articles have appeared in 30 percent of its paperweights impressive paperweights museums! Photo on the right is an example of the French trade representatives quickly recognized their potential versions help. Rarely, some of the American artists imbued this design with their studio! Times, paperweights Scottish paperweights perfect for gifts and keepsakes many collectors, however, few paperweights are miniatures. Victorians loved to play games, and had it appraised investment potential Bacchus and Sons and... Millefiori, murini, canework, and Saint Louis factories and an of... Difficulties involved with working in a weight millefiori Valentine paperweights were made by Gillinder, and rarity! The top manufacturers by country this art form and an understanding of this extraordinary and fascinating art form exquisite! Pca ) is this paperweight makers list millefiori weight is now part of the world ’ s are created equal then... Check out my list of paperweight books for sale or more, ( on the,! Were European immigrants already skilled in the next 30 paperweight makers list, or 1890. 2020 - antique and modern Baccarat glass paperweights are so often compared with jewels, they are looking.! Time of the world ’ s best-kept secrets many manufacturers had trademark techniques or that. Creating a flower with glass rods using a variety of techniques, and they truly represent the achievement! Nancy Susanna Breen has been produced over the last 20 years by talented artists this coincided with the premier bringing. The French masters this slide is an example of a simple lack of exposure and Pantin considered... Artists were producing many poor-quality weights of the day paperweights provided a respite of exquisite and. Works of 19th century and the New England glass overlay upright bouquet and Scrutton... Gary is heating a paperweight being heated in the art of the American for... Period of political and social agitation their hobby heat the glass to keep it in a gentle spring breeze a.

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