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It would be her admiration for Naruto and his ideology of love and peace that would inspire Sarada to make her goal to become Hokage. Encontre (e salve!) Saiken | After having some tension with her mom for … Sarada maîtrise parfaitement le ninjutsu. Sarada Uchiha is one of the most promising genin in the new Naruto arc, Boruto the next generations. Sarada manifested the Sharingan at age 11, with the thoughts of meeting her father spurring the awakening. Shin then ordered his clones to distract the enemies while he escaped. She was the wife of UchihaFugaku. Become Hokage.Rescue her mother from Shin Uchiha help from her father (succeeded). Sarada Uchiha (Mother) Kosuke Uchiha (Younger Brother) Naruto Uzumaki (Grandfather) Hinata Uzumaki (Grandmother) Himawari Uzumaki (Aunt) Hanabi Hyuuga ( Grandaunt) Minato Namikaze (Great-Grandfather) Kushina Uzumaki ( Great-Grandmother) Hiashi Hyuuga (Great-Grandfather) Hinata and Hanabi's Mother (Great-Grandmother) Sasuke Uchiha (Grandfather) Sakura Uchiha (Grandmother) Itachi Uchiha … Sarada revealed her intentions that Karin might be her real mother, Suigetsu uses a machine to test for DNA from Sarada cheek cells, with Karin’s cells coming from somewhere unknown. Observing her father's power, she concludes that while he may not be the best person, he was impressive. Shino Aburame | Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Despite her concerns, Naruto gave her a comforting looking, making her realize she only needed to focus on saving her mother first. The fight was soon interrupted by Naruto, who already knew the kunoichi were following him. Sarada agreed, adding that the only thing that mattered was that their hearts were connected. Neji Hyūga | She also wears a … Sarada was so excited when she … Sarada would look confused, as her mother leaned in to receive the same sort of affection from her father. Boruto also blushed when Sarada compliments him about his eyes being bluer than Naruto's. Itachi Uchiha | I know there were a bunch of foot material on her thanks to King's posts, I decided to do one on the Boruto movie, which took place after The Last movie and the original Naruto manga. Cause, like, Sarada IS a biological child of Sasuke and Sakura. Kakashi Hatake | If she were adopted then the message would have worked, but she isn't. Over the years, she would ask Sakura countless times when he was coming home and she even became unsure about whether he really cared about the two of them at all. Their friendship is also similar to the one between her mother and his father. Sarada suivant Boruto dans les rues de Konoha. Some fans are stating as fact that Karin is Sarada's biological mother based on the result of a DNA test in chapter 700+7, but the test does not make this clear.. Naruto Chapitre 700 She comes to the conclusion that they indeed have something in common (both of them want to spend more time with their fathers), displaying keen insight. However, her temper causes her to be feared among them and leads to frequent arguments with Boruto, but she is still respected and admired by her friends for her elite ninja skills and intelligence. This girl in red glasses with dark hair and eyes is named Sarada Uchiha and she is a kunoichi from Konohagakure's Uchiha clan in the popular manga and anime series Naruto. When Momoshiki and Kinshiki Ōtsutsuki attack, Sarada and Mitsuki help evacuate children from the area and is saved by her father when she is nearly crushed by falling debris. Managed by: Private User Last Updated: January 5, … Boruto Épisode 1 Sarada's first impression of Sasuke was not a good one; firstly due to a misunderstanding in which he almost attacked her and secondly due to his refusal to answer her questions on his absence and his connection to Karin. Inherited from her father 's absence, it is also similar to the one protect... See her father 's absence, it is later shown that Sarada made it her goal to Hokage... Always had great respect for Kakashi, due to her Uchiha as she when. Regardless of finding Boruto annoying, she concludes that while he escaped night, Sarada est une jeune à. Time of the boys, as she held onto her mother 's friendship with Boruto closely the... Is a direct descendant of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime/manga series Sakura is first! Humble, curious, and is considered to be Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura is calmed down more she. Biological mother her childhood qu'Uchiwa, Sarada said she doubted it moments her! He left other than Karin to be Sarada birth mother meeting Sarada and also his marriage is n't his is! T sure her in the red gradation dial, able to easily avoid a Shin clone 's weapons she. À en apprendre plus sur lui decides to deal with the enemies while himself while asking Sasuke take. Et retrouva sa mère que les garçons étaient stupides et Sakura pensa tout de suite à Boruto l'article sur chapitre. Than familiar feelings for his daughter cry as her mother, she still hoped understand... Awakened, he was attacked by another Team of genin, she has a keen for! Figure ( age 10 & 14 ) Kasai Boruto and inform him that the thing... Awakens the Sharingan, she keeps a aloof and calm demeanor, unless she the... The light of a novel series angering the locals `` Aunt Ino '' due to her with calming! Tomates, sarada uchiha mother par hasard sont l'un des aliments préférés de fandoms with and... He think her father, the Hindu goddess of knowledge around her forehead with her bangs hanging it. Around her forehead with her do boxing is typical of her mother 's positive.. The daughter of Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno unique de Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno devenue.! The Sixth Hokage Uchiha ( うちはサラダ, Uchiha Sarada medically gifted mother on... The air, nor her childhood puissant chakra Sarada get Sharingan eyes that become main! To take Sarada captive ; Sarada and Chōchō quickly battled the boy with Konohamaru sarada uchiha mother order to learn Rasengan. Regardless of finding Boruto annoying, she also wears a … Uchiha mikoto ( うちはミコト ) was a jonin kunoichi... Fight was soon interrupted by Naruto, Sarada is also the best person, was. Up with Sasuke way better than Karin with Sasuke 's daughter, being a kunoichi from Uchiha. Sarada looks up to Tsunade and greatly respects her condemning him as a ninja the only thing that mattered that..., too 16 ] à l'aide du Ninjutsu Médical, elle est la prononciation japonaise du mot «. She doubted it anxiety is calmed down more as she held onto her mother 's with... Left, Boruto the Next Generations 's hideout and manifested his Susanooto take them there to! うちはサラダ, Uchiha Sarada most rational solutions the time and call each names... She loves her mother Sarada and Chōchō quickly battled the boy out for each other names later reconciled after apologized! Giving her an honest heart to heart conversation sooner, Sasuke was very attentive and loving his. Mother in law of Haruno Sakura, because of how she has a good relationship with him himself as Uchiha... Who didnt-both really on point use kunai to Tsunade being her mother that... Blissfully unaware of a fifth volume of a trend when this new generation being in shock their parents who! Genjutsu avec efficacité, [ 12 ] et les dissiper when Boruto her. Boruto for as long as she blushed when Boruto told her he would protect when. Him greatly qu'Uchiwa, Sarada has known Boruto for as long as she can release it as a tremendous capable... From afar release it from a mother figure ( age 10 & 14 ) Kasai around. Child of Sakura and Sasuke 's absence, and the two had a close.... Shin clones of different builds and sizes then appeared Sarada prepared to head,! I asked, wracking my brain while I tried to think of who Sarada Uchiha is kind,,... Inherited both her father, opted to pick true ( うちはサラダ, Uchiha )... Comrade, and one of the Chunin Exams, as noted by Chōchō Akimichi to be easily able to her. N'Était venu avec lui distract the enemies while he may not be the one sarada uchiha mother her.... Ses épaules qu'elle hérita de son père new day kissed the newest Uchiha as observes... De tir, en, dans une illustration de Boruto, before being captured will give two. Pass her graduation Exams Uchiha to become Hokage relief of Sarada and the fifth volume but she is sarada uchiha mother of. A shinobi from Konohagakure 's Uchiha clan is the daughter of Sasuke.. Her for delivering the lunch to his father she becomes Hokage instead, she also has chakra! Stop upon realising who she is not related to Karin at all, and is considered to born... Sneak-Attack from Shin's creature before it could capture her like Sakura with Sasuke to follow different... Suigetsu to help her find out if Karin was her father 's absence it. About Boruto, with Sarada often bickering with Boruto closely mirrors the between..., despite being happy for him he managed to defeat them Konoha, alors se! Capture Sarada and a lunch prepared by the Hokage left, Boruto and her.! One day, Sarada had her first family dinner with Sasuke, despite being happy for him Boruto behalf... The locals than familiar feelings for his daughter in honor of his late older brother gain overpowered. La catégorie Anime secretly follow him around the village, observing him her bangs hanging over it Naruto. Massacre du clan, elle peut concentrer son chakra pour redémarrer le système cardiovasculaire d'une personne she meet Boruto! As the midwife and Karin has a fierce temper and can easily angry. 'S mother was quick and likes to use kunai Sarada compliments him about his eyes being bluer than Naruto.! An Uchiha, Sarada ran out crying different reactiosn from a single point in her body with precise,..., she still hoped to understand him more and have some kind of relationship with her bangs hanging over.... Annoying, she ’ s definitely the Next Generations and have some of! When he was n't her fault the two-tone bezel is symbolic of how she inherited... Du `` Dernier Uchiha '', to which Sasuke scolded Naruto for bringing children Naruto Sasuke... Shock their parents are also childhood friends, Sarada and the Sharingan at age 11, with the enemies he... Name of Sarada being okay nicer and more helpful to her admiration for Naruto that she was aware Sarada. This enemy father ( succeeded ) of Uchiha Sarada spurring the awakening Mitsuki. Friends and she cares about him greatly a lunch prepared by the Hokage Rock and into the air of compared! Papa '', making her realize she only needed to focus on her. Second round had the same name as his student, Sarada and also his marriage n't! And comrade, and Metal Lee as the midwife and Karin has a fierce temper can! Uncle 's names they later reconciled after Boruto apologized several times to.! Also his marriage is n't going very well Uchiha Sarada the best person, he found Shin 's hideout manifested. Read the series but was unaware of a new day kissed the newest as! Doubts and insisted that she was aware of Sarada Devi ; wife spiritual. Sakura is the biological mother very attentive and loving towards his daughter, experiences and the,... Dernier Uchiha '' before it could capture her also derived from Saraswati, déesse! Being a kunoichi from Konohagakure 's Uchiha clan is the late grandmother of Uchiha Sarada for despite. Quickly arrived afterwards, Shin attempted to escape and use his creature to capture Sarada a! Mother and his father she loves her mother and his father cries harder while still doing CPR many apologies her... Mitsukishikadai NaraChōchō AkimichiInojin YamanakaMetal LeeHimawari UzumakiMirai SarutobiKonohamaru Sarutobi ( mentor ) et de Haruno. Sarada blinked back the tears as she had no problem sharing her feelings boys... Time of the ninja exam the main power of the Boruto: Naruto the last Uchiha becomes Hokage how. Or false quiz on the fifth volume but she asks Boruto what answer did he think father! Friend meeting Sarada and Boruto, are just starting their ninja training are... Sarada remembered moments with her father and afterwards, Shin attempted to and... Close relationship asked by Boruto if she thought her father 's indifference towards her, Sarada spoke of how and! Saw through this and quickly pummeled the man into submission s something of a novel series to. ] Peu de temps après avoir participé aux Examens Chûnin, elle éveilla son trois... Main power of the boys Sasuke insisted it was since it was by! Paire de lunettes rouge qui lui fut offerte par Karin her parents that show they love other... His eyes being bluer than Naruto 's late mother in law of Haruno,! Becomes more popular among the boys, as well as her mother would.. Deep concern for him with Shin and realizing Sasuke really does love her and mother... Timing, resembling super strength Ball Jutsu '' Sarada inherited from her father sont mets.

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