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Then we’ll just throw in our cucumber, some mint leaves, and honey (if you tend to like things sweet). Seriously, you only need three ingredients: watermelon, cucumber, and lime (plus a little water). Making a low-carb smoothie may seem difficult. https://nutritiouslife.com/recipes/watermelon-cucumber-smoothie 3 Cups of Watermelon 1/2 Cup of Cucumber (I left the seeds. I have been plucking turnip greens from my garden and love them in smoothies. If you use a different type of cucumber that has a lot of seeds, cut your cucumber in half lengthwise and scrape out the seeds with a spoon before dicing. Allie's Spicy Lemonade lemon, apple, cayenne pepper. I quite enjoy this summer slushie, too. Get the Recipe: Watermelon-and-Cucumber Smoothie September Ingredients 18 oz freshly sqùeezed orange jùice (from aboùt 6 oranges) 7 cùps of cùbed watermelon Approx. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. [Tweet “Beat the heat with a refreshing watermelon cucumber smoothie!”] The most difficult step is just remembering to keep some frozen watermelon on hand. I’ve always been a huge watermelon fan. Eliminating toxins. The taste of the cucumber is very dominant so if you want the taste of the watermelon to over-ride the smoothie I would recommend going extremely light on the cucumber. I love seeing what you’ve made! Leave a comment below and tag @liveeatlearn on social media! Blend for 1 minute, using the tamper to press the ingredients toward the blades. https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1013775-watermelon-mint-smoothie Watermelon Cucumber, Watermelon Recipe, Watermelon Smoothie, « Creamy Mushroom Pasta with Fresh Peas and Ricotta, Lamb and Apricot Stuffed Roasted Onions ». Carbs can sometimes be hard to get away from. This Cucumber watermelon weight loss smoothie is low in calories and contain a good amount of water and soluble fiber, making them ideal for promoting hydration and aiding in weight loss. Notice: JavaScript is required for this content. Watermelon … They include very beneficial nutrients, like: Vitamins (A, B complex, C) Antioxidants; Minerals (magnesium, phosphorus, iron, calcium) Plus, cucumbers also contain very few calories. But I’ve found one way that I actually really do enjoy watermelon, and that’s in summer smoothie form! Ingredients . Your email address will not be published. Add watermelon, mint leaves, and cucumber to a blender. Watermelon, cucumber, spinach, fresh mint, lime, and chia seeds. Rate this recipe . Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Remove sugar mixture from heat and add mint leaves to hot mixture and let everything steep for about 20-25 minutes, covered with a pot cover. They manage to sneak in foods I don’t actually like to eat (i.e. watermelon, cucumber, strawberry, mint. Optional - Sieve this mixture into a big bowl incase you want to remove any mint leave/cucumber peel from the detox smoothie. Remind me next time . This summertime recipe stars the unofficial fruit of summer, watermelon. Then, cut it in half and cut off the rind. Place all ingredients into the Vitamix container in the order listed and secure the lid. Add the remaining frozen watermelon and continue to blend until smooth. Serve immediately. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Garnish with watermelon slice and mint if desired. Some foods are even loaded with it! 1730 Raymer Avenue | Fullerton CA, 92833; P: 888.466.9941 | F: 714.449.9787; [email protected] join the eatmail for exclusive recipes & meal ideas. 1 scoop LeanMeal RS French Vanilla. Crisp cucumber blended with sweet watermelon and finished with a hint of mint Give customers a whole new way to enjoy caffeinated beverages with the Tropics Refreshers line. Top with sparkling water. For a watermelon mojito smoothie, add both mint and lime. When you’re trying to lose weight, including cucumbers and watermelon which are low calorie foods in your diet helps you lower your calorie intake to shed those extra pounds.They are high in many important vitamins and … Use the ratio of 1 part cucumber to 8 parts watermelon (we used 4 cups watermelon and 1/2 cup cucumber). Dr. Smoothie Refreshers Watermelon Cucumber Mint product details. In a blender, combine the watermelon, cucumber and mint. 2 sprigs of mint; Honey as needed; Kitchen tools you may find useful: Blender; Drinking straws; Smoothie glasses; Measuring cups Its minty freshness is also a welcomed treat. Blend the watermelon and cucumber until it becomes liquid. ¼ teaspoon dried ginger Then, simply toss in 3 or 4 ice cubes and blend the drink to the desired consistency. This website uses cookies to improve your experience, you can opt-out if you wish. Blend … Watermelon Smoothie with Cucumber and Mint | Live Eat Learn So in this watermelon smoothie, I like to cube and freeze the watermelon before hand! Advertisement. So now that you know the benefits of Watermelon and Cucumbers, let’s make a smoothie out of them so you can start a natural detox plus quench your thirst with a glass or two. Yogurt can also be helpful to debloat, so feel free to add yogurt to these smoothies. Add the watermelon cubes in a blender along with lime juice, ice cubes and mint leaves. Vegan and No Sugar Added Turmeric Smoothie Recipes, 5-Ingredient Turmeric Ginger Smoothie Recipe. Cut the watermelon flesh of half of the watermelon into large chunks. It’s naturally sweet, refreshing, cold, and yum. This is one of the best watermelon smoothies for weight loss as it … These smoothie recipes are perfect for when you feel bloated. In a food processor a blender, blend frozen watermelon until smooth. This Refreshing Watermelon Smoothie recipe has fresh mint and cucumber, making it ultra-refreshing and hydrating for hot summer days. Muddle the ingredients together for a few minutes until the juices of the cucumber comes out. Add 1 tablespoon of fresh, chopped mint or basil leaves, 1 tablespoon of lime juice, and 1 teaspoon of agave nectar or honey. Watermelon cucumber smoothie. Enjoy Detox With A Watermelon Cucumber Smoothie. JARS Become a regular! I don’t like adding ice to my smoothies, partly because I don’t like the strain it puts on my blender and also because it just seems to water it down. Divide it in between 4 glasses and garnish each glass with mint and pomegranate seeds. WATERMELON & CUCUMBER SPLASH GREEN SMOOTHIE. Hydrating Watermelon Cucumber Smoothie. Pour the frozen watermelon into the glass. Seriously, you only need three ingredients: watermelon, cucumber, and lime (plus a little water). Join our Eatmail newsletter to get a free copy of our “Dinner Is Served” Cookbook, new recipes, exclusive meal plans, and more! All you need is frozen watermelon, water, lime juice, honey, and mint leaves (optional). Crisp cucumber blended with sweet watermelon and finished with a hint of mint This is because the cucumber has a natural nutrient content that can launch the … 3" knob of peeled ginger root 3/4 - 1 tsp groùnd tùrmeric Instrùctions Jùice six or so oranges, or ùntil yoù've reached 18 oz of jùice. Once sugar-mint mixture has fully infused in it’s flavor, add it to the blender along with the sliced watermelons, cucumber, and … Have a question? … Taste and add honey as needed to suit your liking. kale, carrots, spinach) in a way that’s delicious (and nutritious!) Pulse until smooth and strain through a fine sieve or cheesecloth. Sweet Potato Fettuccine in Gorgonzola Sauce. To prepare the cucumber puree: peel and slice an English cucumber and pulse in a food processor until smooth. Ingredients It’s in so many things we eat often. You may even think there’s no way it can be flavorful. Place half of each of the following in a blender: yogurt, honey, melon, cucumber and, if desired, mint. It’s very clean and light and perfect for hot days when you feel sluggish and overheated. Easy vegetarian recipes, one ingredient at a time. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Combine watermelon with about 12 fresh mint leaves in a food processor. Add a few fresh mint leaves! Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Refreshers Watermelon Cucumber Mint. Recipes like Tropical Melon Smoothie and Strawberry-Mango-Banana Smoothie are refreshing, tasty and great for dealing with belly bloat. To make this Mint Watermelon Smoothie you’ll need: 2 cups watermelon, previously chopped and frozen; ½ a cucumber (no need to peel it!) You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies.

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