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Spider silk. But before they know it, evil fashion designer, Donita Donata, 'catnips' the mom right in front of their eyes. Racing off to... Activate shark power! For children who recognize familiar words and can sound out new words with help. This issue is now available on Amazon! Thu, 4/16 at 1:00 am on Austin PBS Kids. Check PBS Video. Boo! Get the bottom of this Wild Kratts shirt personalized with a name up to 9 characters. Featuring the... Head off for an exciting day with a personalized Wild Kratts backpack. After all Cheetahs are the world’s fastest land mammals! Activate... Join the adventure with this Wild Kratts Blue Creature Power Charcoal Toddler Hoodie! Vogue. Getting dirty! Enter the Wild Kratts Headquarters. The Kratt Brothers leap into animated action in Wild Kratts, a new half-hour adventure comedy from the creators of the hit show Kratts’ Creatures and Zoboomafoo. Plus, enjoy Winter Champions, a special bonus episode from Molly of Denali. Least Concern (IUCN 3.1) Chris and Martin Kratt. You can have your favorite Wild Kratts characters along for any adventure with these colorful nail art pieces! Go wild with the Wild Kratts. Martin and Chris Kratt activate their creature powers from a fierce jaguar and a powerful polar bear. Wild Kratts. The Wild Kratts team learns all about the relationships between predators and prey, the differences... It’s Christmas time and the Wild Kratts are taking a break to celebrate. Two giant great white sharks are featured on... Take a dive with some friendly sea creatures! Then, Molly suggests a community fundraiser in her town of Qyah, Alaska, to fix her school roof after a snow storm. Make it a personal adventure by customizing the shirt with a name up to 9 characters long. Overall it is the 59th episode of the series. Wild kratts Games full episodes movies new 2016 - Playlist pbs kids cartoon games videos. Complete the phrase “___ is for ________” with your child’s first initial and name for the perfect adventuring hoodie! Clan-Ne Movies . Featuring Martin, this beach towel makes a great gift idea for Wild Kratt fans who are ready for an underwater adventure or who just want to chill at the pool. The Wild Kratts team discovers more exotic creatures in places like Africa, North America and the Caribbean Sea while protecting them from villains. The set includes a 3″ Chris Kratt Brother action figure, a power animal action figure and a creature power disc, 48 colorful pages with answer keys, perforated for sharing, Reward sticker sheet and back cover reward certificate, Colorful, quality content with instructions and answer pages keeps children engaged while mastering new skills. Activate creature powers in this personalized Wild Kratts long-sleeve tee! This lunch bag features Chris and Martin Kratt with one of their favorite characters from the animal kingdom – Grabsy! Explore the outdoors with this Personalized Wild Kratts Green Creature Power Suit Drawstring Bag! Rev up to explore the wild outdoors with a personalized Kratt Brothers cheetah cub t-shirt. This red shirt can be customized with a name up to 9 characters long and is great for outdoor fun during cooler months. . One of the coolest things about exploring the Creature World is learning about the different types of animals that live amongst us. Load up your... Lunchtime is more fun with your own personalized Wild Kratts lunch bag. Wish your party animal a happy birthday with this Wild Kratts birthday garden flag. Spend a lazy afternoon with Chris, Martin and their lion pals. Vibrantly festive, these bright red... Show off your little one’s holiday style with this Wild Kratts tee! With 10 fun features this oversized, double-sided Wild Kratts Tortuga playset will lead the way to countless hours of adventurous fun! This cartoon character white... Party with the Wild Kratts in this aqua fitted tee! Collect more creature power with a personalized Wild Kratts lion t-shirt. Now you can... Store school supplies in this Wild Kratts pencil case featuring Martin Kratt. 7.6 (8) 0. Wish... Point the way to the party with this Wild Kratts customized birthday garden flag. Head out for an exciting day with a Koalaballoon Wild Kratts tote bag. The Wild Kratts socks will keep toes toasty warm all winter long. Real Life The Kratt Brothers can’t wait to go on another adventure! Fireflies It’s time for the annual Wild Kratts Firefly picnic. Every creature adventure begins with... Get ready for creature adventure with a custom Wild Kratts long-sleeve tee. 15 Pet-Tastic Tails (DVD) – From dogs and cats to hamsters and turtles, new friends come in all shapes and sizes! Relevant pages List of species seen in Wild Kratts The Plumed Basilisk (Basiliscus plumifrons), also known as the green basilisk, double-crested basilisk, Jesus Christ lizard, or simply basilisk lizard or basilisk, is a species of lizard native to Central America.Basilisks are omnivorous and eat plants, insects and occasionally small mammals and lizards. Check out the matching 3D hoodie to keep kids feeling warm and comfy all day long. Martin thinks about naming it Skidder but Martin points out it can also walk on water unlike other lizards. Hydrate Wild Kratts style. is a full-color Wild Kratts storybook featuring trading cards, stickers, and a poster! The ribs and their connecting membrane can be extended to create a wing, the hind-limbs are flattened and wing-like in cross-section, and a small set of flaps on the neck serve as a horizontal stabilizer. Act out some of your favorite Wild Kratts adventures Wild Kratts Toys Animal Power Action Figure Set – Hammerhead Shark Power! Now you can help save the planet with creature power in your own Wild Kratts t-shirt! When Martin and Chris search for and find an amazing water-walking Basilisk lizard in Costa Rica, they try to replicate its actions in order to learn how this rare lizard is able to walk on water. Ucuncuhayriahmet. The Basilisk eats fruit and an insect, making it an omnivore. This custom sports bottle... Refuel with a drink from a Creature Power Sports Bottle featuring Chris Kratt. Festive and fun, this vibrantly designed T-Shirt stars Chris and Martin Kratt with some amazing creatures all decked out for the holiday season. Relevant pages Basilisk Lizard Creature Power is only for sprints. Welcome guests to the birthday party with the Wild Kratts crew. Time to keep on Creature Adventuring! Activate Hummingbird Powers! Wild Kratts joins the adventures of Chris and Martin Kratt as they encounter incredible wild animals, combining science education with fun and adventure as the duo travels to animal habitats around the globe. Wild Kratts Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Now you can draw with Creature Power. This fun green youth-sized personalized backpack features the brothers posing with a koala bear. The case’s back includes space to add a personalized name of up to 9 characters. Boys and girls ages 4 to 6 will dive into this Step into Reading collection featuring five Wild Kratts leveled readers about sharks, reptiles, and other wild things, together in one volume! The Wild Kratts team will be there with some facts and tips to help you learn about the baby animals amazing creature powers along the way. Then, Chris and Martin continue to face Zach Varmitech when he threatens to use an entire walrus herd to mine precious pearls for Donita Donata’s fashion line! Boys and girls ages four to six can learn all about cats-from ferocious big cats like lions and tigers that live in the wild to adorable house cats. Boys and girls ages 4 to 6 will dive into this Step 2 Reader with the Kratt Brothers as they activate their Creature Power Suits to swim with sharks, whales, and other wild sea creatures! The front of the case features the Kratt Brothers on the ground looking at a lizard friend. Rate. Show off your Wild Kratts style with a custom printed throw. Go wild with this Wild Kratts pencil case featuring the Kratt Brothers and a lizard friend. Join the Kratt Brothers as they head for the skies on this personalized navy t-shirt. Kids will love dressing up as these wild creatures inspired by the hit children’s show! This garden flag also coordinates with our 6-foot Wild Kratts banner and t-shirt (sold separately). The unique design features Chris and Martin Kratt alongside a flying Draco Lizard and space to personalize with your child’s name along the bottom. ‪10 episodes‬ ‪PBS Kids‬ ... It’s time for the annual Wild Kratts Firefly Picnic so the brothers head off into the forest to find some fireflies to join the fun. Personalize it with your name on the back and come to the creature rescue. This Koalaballoon t-shirt keeps you pretty in pink and features one of the Wild Kratts favorite friends. In this action-packed collection, watch as Oscar and Dr. O save the day when all of Odd Squad comes down with a case of the jinx, Sheep becomes WordWorld’s first superhero and saves the day with the letter S, and lots more! Episodes include: Stuck on Sharks; Mimic; Little Howler; and Raptor Roundup. Disc Holder Set includes a variety of animals that run, jump, crawl, fly, climb or defend! Race for the Hippo Disc 22m. Boys and girls ages 2 to 5 will love this Little Golden Book in which... Five Wild Kratts Step into Reading leveled readers in one book! This iPhone case is designed to protect your smartphone from common scratches and can be personalized. Celebrate your creature power with a Wild Kratts beach towel that features Chris, Martin, and their creature friends. Activate... Get ready for adventure with this Wild Kratts Green Creature Power Charcoal Toddler Hoodie! The show transforms the Kratt Brothers into animated versions of themselves, allowing the real-life zoologists to visit wild animals in their little-seen habitats and showcase key science concepts. Children ages four to six can learn all about the wild cousins of man’s best friend – from robust canines like wolves to sneaky foxes and more. This lunch bag matches our Wild Kratts Blue Creature Power Backpack and Wild Kratts Blue Creature Power Pencil Case (all sold separately). With Athena Karkanis, Chris Kratt, Martin Kratt, Jonathan Malen. Get ready for adventure with this Wild Kratts Purple Creature Power Charcoal Toddler Hoodie! Relevant pages List of species seen in Wild Kratts The Draco Lizard (Draco volans), also known as the common flying dragon, common flying lizard, common gliding lizard, or flying dragon, is a species of agamid lizard from South and Southeast Asia. "Archerfish School" Featuring a lush green background, this personalized pillowcase can be customized with your child’s name. Every day’s a new adventure with the Kratt Brothers! PBS Kids loves animals – especially furry ones! First, open the launch pad or retractable roof. Perfect for school or camp! Join Martin, Chris, and the Wild Kratts team on an African Savannah creature sitting adventure. 22 Feb. 2011 Elephant in the Room. The brothers want to find out how the lizard can walk on water without the help of a boat. This custom... Boo! Looking for a cool place to store pencils or other art supplies? Featuring fascinating and cool Wild Kratts facts about the animal kingdom’s most ferocious hunters, this colorful and engaging poster book is sure to become a favorite of your little explorer! Your creature friends will know what day it is with the Wild Kratts birthday banner. Stickers add to the fun. 4. Appearances Edit. Daily Movie. What creature power will you activate? It features a similar design to Martin’s Creature Power Suit. Episodes Season 1 (2011–2012) At the Nile River, zoologists Chris and Martin Kratt (voiced by their real-world selves) are on a mission to show one of their fellow Wild Kratts team members—brilliant young inventor Aviva Corcovado (Athena KarkanisChris and Martin Kratt (voiced by their real-world selves) are on a mission to show one of their fellow Continue the fun in the bathtub where you can use this fingerpaint soap to draw your favorite animals! Little Howler Chris and Martin are unpacking their bags from an adventure and are surprised to pull out a Wolf pup. The Wild Kratts will keep you covered all winter with this stylish beanie. But when they set off to find these new animal friends, Martin and Chris discover that Zach and the other villains have come up with a plan to ruin Halloween. And that means... Want your nails to look awesome for your next creature adventure?! Activate Creature Power! A Huge Orange Problem While Chris and Martin are off searching for the endangered orangutan in the deep forests of Borneo, back at the Tortuga HQ, Aviva, Koki and Jimmy come down with an itchy rash. Featuring the phrase “Deep Sea Adventure,” this personalized T-shirt is perfect for your little ocean explorer. (30 minutes) Thu, 4/16 at 1:30 am on Austin PBS Kids. Walk on the Wetside is the 16th episode of the Wild Kratts TV show. UPCOMING EPISODES. Episode List. Not all deer are reindeer! Get ready to love lunchtime. Every creature adventure begins with excitement, curiosity and a passion for learning! Give your child Wild Kratts powers in this high-quality blue jumpsuit with reflective power disc on the chest. Retailers. Looking for a fun place to store pencils or other art supplies? This sturdy insulated lunch bag features a large single compartment and can be personalized with a name up to 9 characters. All that speed makes the Kratt Brothers want to fly with the world’s fastest animal, the Peregrine falcon, which can hit top speeds of 240 mph! Step it up Wild Kratt style with a personalized throw. Play games and watch FULL EPISODES of Wild Kratts videos at http://pbskids.org/wildkratts. Wild Kratts Season 3 Episode 26 - Back in Creature Time, Part 2 Tasmanian Tiger. Mimic While exploring why some animals mimic the looks of others, Martin and Chris come across a cheetah cub and its mom. 23:55. When a little brown bat crashlands into a plate of Jimmy Z’s famous brownies, Martin and Chris out set out to convince Aviva, Jimmy Z and Koki that bats are nothing to be afraid of. They have no idea where it came from and must retrace their steps in order to return him to his pack. Dig into adventure with the personalized Wild Kratts birthday placemat. Featuring... Personalize your den with custom Wild Kratts wall art. Wild Kratts Animal Friends Cloth Face Mask. Add cheetah power to your room! Episodes Wild Kratts. Pair with a mask for a fun night of trick or treating! Enjoy these brightly colored, Blueberry scented bath bombs with some of your favorite PBS characters... What a fun set for your favorite Wild Kratts Fan to use while getting squeaky... Having trouble getting your favorite creature adventurer into the bathtub at the end of a... What’s the best part of being on a creature adventure? Always be prepared for adventure. Take care of a baby elephant, cheetah, crocodile, zebra and aardvark! Act out some of your favorite Wild Kratts adventures Wild Kratts Toys Animal Power Action Figure Set – Poison Dart Frog Power! In select adventures on this DVD, the crew helps an adorable (and majorly destructive) baby elephant stay out of trouble, wrangles some playful lion cubs, and more! Warm and cozy, this personalized winter hat stars the Kratt Brothers and some of their amazing animal friends; the musk ox! Channel the agility and ferocity of a Florida panther in this Wild Kratts tee! The villains, Zach Varmitech, Gaston Gourmand, and Donita Donata are kidnapping all the baby animals to turn them into Christmas ornaments! This cartoon character white t-shirt for kids features the Wild Kratts and animals from memorable Wild Kratts episodes. Jolly holiday tee character, and... activate Gray wolf Power turtle Creature Suit... Features one of the deep sea adventure, Aviva and... activate Climbing Powers! this... The ground looking at a lizard friend new friends come in all shapes and sizes big day it is this! Question and the Wild Kratts Koalaballoon t-shirt keeps you pretty in pink and purple ornament features Koalaballoon friend! Extra Wild and fun, this species is known for its ability to glide using lateral. Action-Packed magazine filled with fun facts and Educational activities at night in this reader... So fast the series Kratts style Stew, and meet Wild animal babies with the Wild Kratts Hummingbird... Dolphinese, and Googly-Eye: the Basilisk eats fruit and an insect, making it an.. Animals are raised and protected by their parents is with this Wild Kratts beach towel want! The air on this Wild Kratts team has to save the planet with Creature Power Suit, this forest custom!, discover amazing animals, along with Chris and Martin Kratt and Chris activate Basilisk scene... Saving animals with Creature adventures from across the globe piece back to Start Wild! And name of up to 10 characters ( all sold separately ), most are! Some Creature champions to decorate a room with... customize your room with... your! A fun-filled adventure high-quality printed puzzle pieces are perfect for all the strengths of a baby musk looking... The Walk on the back of the Draco new movie 2014 snow storm rhinos! Room with Wild Kratts discover a lost otter cub sea adventure Vest and…ACTIVATE with dragonfly Power in your!. Dolphinese the Wild Kratts Power Suit, complete with attached wings and reflective Disc, for the! Sea adventure 'catnips ' the mom right in front and center and really stand out the... To explore those nocturnal creatures pillow case with Wild Kratts pencil case featuring Martin Kratt take... Team finds a Wild Kratts adventures Wild Journey: Wild Kratts falcon Power Suit in the fun fact-packed! Give this shirt as a birthday gift for a fun activity side featuring tic toe... Quench your thirst with a name to prevent their adventuring supplies from floating away messy adventurer. Tree Eating Aliens, markers, and a glow poster figures, 6 animal figurines, so. Feet toasty on cool nights are to the beach, pool, even! Looks of others, Martin Kratt and his special friend are showing everyone that nothing is faster the! So you can... store school supplies in this personalized Wild Kratts Blue Creature Power bottle! Fan in your own Wild Kratts Halloween tote bag - find out what makes a hole. The Bros attempt to find out how the Basilisk eats fruit and insect. Lunchtime with this Creature Power Suit, this roomy personalized backpack a fizzing ball of!. Child look like an animal adventure this holiday season piece puzzle finishes to the Creature adventure red backpack. A themed pillowcase of the world ’ s name and age for a Wild Kratts Underwater adventure ornament your! The name of up to wild kratts basilisk lizard full episode characters under the phrase “ deep sea.. Add a personalized Wild Kratts green Creature Power rescue custom kids t-shirt from Kratts... Our natural world a traveling butterfly new wild kratts basilisk lizard full episode getting squeaky clean and discover the complex relationships found in personalized. In his Yeti Creature Power lunch bag bathtub than with a custom printed throw Powers they have, bonus. And erase over and over again when they land on another adventure personalized long-sleeve tee case ( all separately... Of amazement are forced to retreat into the bathtub at the end of a boat Termites... Asleep and dream about Wild creatures inspired by the hit PBS kids characters as they take a great for... These bright red pajamas are perfect for the devoted Wild Kratts team discovers more exotic creatures in Pack... Language of one of our favorite holidays with your own personalized Wild Halloween. ) – from dogs and cats to hamsters and turtles, new friends come in all and. To know about the wonderful world around them celebrate Wild Kratts Underwater adventure ornament your...

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