homemade pancake syrup without brown sugar

It was weak. Yes you can refrigerate any remaining. If crystallization occurs, heat it again (either on the stove or in the microwave), then either shake or whisk vigorously until smooth. As you all should know by now, I have a pancake obsession. (You can first powder granulated erythritol in the blender if needed.). These easy keto recipes are sugar-free, LCHF, and often paleo. Thanks for the support! Puree immediately, until no lumps remain. This works best especially with herbs like mint and fresh berries. It’s okay, you can happy dance. Should I use the same amount of flavoring? Really good, Maya! Don’t add more until it’s all mixed in well and has a few minutes to thicken naturally. I even made ginger syrup (hello Moscow mules) and a sugar free maple syrup with maple extract too, to pair with these keto pancakes. Reheating helps if it separates/settles or crystallizes. Genuine, 100% maple syrup is delicious, but laden with sugar. Simmer for about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the erythritol dissolves. So much better to make at home and WAYYY better tasting than store bought brands where I live. Also, for the most recent Log Cabin product launches, try Log Cabin All Natural syrup and pancake mix. I am so happy to hear that, Christa! Make airy, chewy white bread + fluffy pancakes, minus the carbs. You'll see it on this page after we review it.I welcome constructive criticism, but I'm a person just like you - treat me like you'd like to be treated. Fluffy and sweet and perfectly delicious with just some butter, they are over-the-top, melt-in-your-mouth awesome with this sugar-free pancake syrup on them. Is it possible to use butter to thicken the syrup instead of the Gum? Simply reheat the sugar-free pancake syrup, then either shake (if storing in a bottle or lidded container) or whisk it in the pan until it’s smooth again. Thank you, Judy! Mine turned out like the pictures, using the maple extract linked on the recipe card above. Tastes good, I even added more water. This is where the fun comes in! Beautiful! It may not appear to have thickened up much right away but will continue to thicken as it gets colder in the fridge. The consistency will be smoothest when the keto syrup is warm, which is just as well because warm maple syrup is the best anyway. Thank you so much for sharing! Get RECIPE TIPS in the post above, nutrition info + recipe notes below! I have a comparison of low carb sweeteners here. Then remove from the heat and then put in the vanilla … Thanks so much! I immediately tried it on leftover homemade crepes and WOW! However, for things that need to be smooth, like the maple syrup, you need the sweetener in powdered form. Check out these coconut flour pancakes made with cream cheese. You are about to learn how to make sugar-free pancake syrup that tastes amazing in just ten minutes. I added a bit more to boost the flavor. I have been making this syrup for years now and I totally love it. I would say that it depends on the usage. Did you just wrinkle up your nose thinking about topping your pancakes with a sugar-free syrup? BESTI MONK FRUIT ALLULOSE BLEND BESTI BROWN KETO SWEETENER WHOLESOME YUM ALMOND FLOUR WHOLESOME YUM KETO MAPLE SYRUP. I used a Caramel Extract cause I couldn’t find Maple (Weird since I live in Canada LOL) but nonetheless, I absolutely love it!! I’m in the UK & am currently using Truvia as opposed to erythritol as the latter isn’t easy to come by. Hi Jenn, It might work but I haven’t tried it. Please let us know how it turns out! Hi Kathleen, Yes, but I cannot tell you exactly how much. All Rights Reserved. Thanks again & enjoy the rest of the day . Maybe I’ll use a bit less sweetener next time. I just bring a little airtight container full and mix it in, adding sliced almonds, chia, whatever, when I’m ready to eat. Thanks. That sounds amazing! This post may contain affiliate links, which help keep this content free. Whisk together your water, maple extract, and sweetener. That being said, it shouldn’t be extremely cloudy, if it is then it might be too much xanthan gum. Which pancakes did you make? No taste issues using the McCormick maple extract, and while it looked like syrup color in the saucepan, mine came out with something like the consistency and color of maple cream after using the blender to puree (I was using confectioner’s Swerve). If you try adding it later, let me know how it goes! *I have found that using the confectioner’s style works better in every recipe. I followed the recipe exactly. Will this work? Seriously. Thanks! I get it. Hi Joanne, I haven’t tried that, but think it would not be smooth. And I really love maple syrup on pancakes! I did use an immersion blender. And of course, I could only find these on Amazon. When you make pancakes and waffles often , then the best way is to make the homemade syrup and store it in the refrigerator. That’s right: all of the flavor with none of the sugary carbs! Really made my keto french toast so much better. I use this one. I especially love it for all the keto cocktails you will find that I make for the Bon Appeteach “Book Club” cocktail series (if you’re new here, it’s the only book club where we don’t actually read the book… we just make a cocktail named after one). Whenever I pull up the recipe the measurements for the ingredients is not there?? My first batch was good. I Love your site… I’m binge watching you food videos , they are great! Stir until the sugar is completely dissolved. I did throw the pyure into my coffee grinder 1/4c at a time to powder it. How long does it last if stored in the fridge as opposed to in my kitchen cupboard? Merci bcp pour toutes les belles recettes que vous partagez avec nous. Going to try this with roasted Brussels sprouts with bacon bits. An easy to make, classic simple syrup that’s low carb and keto friendly. Thank you for the yummy recipes!!! You can definitely use Truvia in recipes calling for erythritol. Never knew that maple extract did not have any sugar in it. Stir with a whisk to dissolve and allow it come to a simmer. There’s a link to the brown extract I used on the recipe card, and the comment above. To add flavors (like herbs, fruits, and spices), steep them in the hot syrup until the syrup is cool. Alcohol does not convert to sugar in the body – this is a common myth. https://www.livingonadime.com/simple-homemade-syrup-recipes-pancake Check my conversion chart for amounts. I made these pancakes and your maple syrup! Hi Elena, Guar gum doesn’t require heat to activate, but it does require a good bit of agitation. This reaffirms that the info can’t be correct. The alcohol will burn off during heating, so that’s nothing to worry about. The struggle is real. This is such a helpful addition to my keto program and the taste is wonderful. Registered trademark. However when I put the syrup in the blender with the xantham gum, it turns a cloudy light brown, and looks more like coffee than syrup. This recipe on your low carb almond flour pancakes, YUMMY. Hi! I used pyure sweetener which is stevia and eyrithritol. Hi!!! The cider vinegar (or cream of tartar) keeps the syrup from crystallizing, in case you’re wondering why it’s in there. Bring the mixture to a gentle boil. I’ve read all the comments and all of your responses and you are so sweet! Thanks so much!!! I also found this recipe a bit on the sweet-side, but another 1/2 tbsp maple extract balanced the flavor nicely for me. (Like my AIP waffles w/ celery pulp.) Hi Eboni, yes, you can do that. It was perfect on my keto pancakes. The recipe card is below! I am hoping the texture might thicken once it completely cools off. Whisk until smooth and combined. I’m never buying syrup from the store again. The shipping is ridiculous almost as much as the product no way that bottle weighs that much. Do we have to count the carbs in erythritol? My low carb keto blog contains EASY, natural, keto & low I ended up using 2 1/2tsp of Olive Nation maple extract. It is pure extract. Maybe because of the McCormick maple extract Not very maple-y and it yook almost the whole bottle. It ended up tasting okay but lacking depth. Just made this. Big hugs to you from Nova Scotia, Canada! Yes I want to use it as a sweetener in recipes which call for Maple Syrup. This could be good or bad depending on what the bulking agent is (erythritol is good, maltodextrin is actually just another name for sugar and not so good). This looks so good – I have yet to like any “maple syrup” I have tried to make. I didn’t even put it down the drain. Make your own pancake syrup right at home! I like this brand of liquid stevia, which has less aftertaste than others I’ve tried. The usual rule of thumb, is to (usually) add your flavor profile after you remove the syrup from the heat. Mine is also clear, and I used Watkins brand. The Measurements to make the pancakes are very easy to remember, One cup of each – brown sugar , white sugar … Yes, the color of the syrup will depend on your brand of maple extract. As for the store bought jug of “syrup” – do yourself and your family a favor and throw that junk out. This recipe WAS easy and delicious! Will try the kond you suggest next time. Otherwise a good recipe. All you do is powder it! Used a Ninja blender to mix it all and it was cloudy/frothy, but began clearing as it cooled. If it crystallizes (it might if your stevia blend had erythritol in it), you’ll need to reheat, but I think it’s best warm anyway. Used the ‘brown sugar’ Swerve, which gave a nice color. Hi Rob, Yes, it’s either simmering too much or too much xanthan gum if it’s too thick. . Its just bad bad bad. I have a low carb sweetener guide and conversion chart here for reference. My pancakes and the syrup are really dark brown in color. I’m glad I tried again. Hope this helps. If so how much Stevia should I use? You can add more maple to taste. Otherwise it can be grainy in things like sauces, frosting, syrup, etc. The key is to sprinkle and not just dump. I have he maple extract and can add as little as I need so that I don’t get over-mapled, lol. I’ve found that simmering this syrup mixture until all of the light brown froth disappears makes for less crystallizing in the finished product. Can you substitue xanthan gum for anything? It is a plant based low carb sweetener, but it can be very deadly to animals (so I choose not to keep it in the house… I’m a messy cook and not looking to take the risk).I’ve opted to not use this sweetener but that doesn’t mean it won’t work for you! I’ve made 2 batches of this syrup. In the fridge or at room temperature? Check with the manufacturer of your stevia. Thank you so much I will definitely try that, Hi there. Taste wise this was great, the syrup was just a bit too thick. I’d prefer to have one without that, but haven’t found one. A few years ago I thought that I should really have a homemade syrup recipe to go along with these pancakes I make! I made this syrup yesterday, and it was fabulous. You can also store this and serve corld or at room temperature like store-bought syrup. Thank you for the recipe! Every Store brought syrup contains high fructose corn syrup. If it's still thinner than you'd like, add a little more xanthan gum, just a tiny bit at a time (1/16 teaspoon at a time, sprinkled lightly and pureed again). I used a name-brand stevia baking mixture and powdered it before mixing. Use the syrups in a variety of cocktails like this Keto Strawberry Lemonade Whiskey Smash, to keep them sugar free and lower in carbs! Hi, Just wondering if I could substitute gelatin for xanthan gum? I went and bought the x gum. This is how to thicken your low carb syrup. I prefer to add it to the saucepan so that any taste from the base of the extract dissipates. I think ½ tsp xanthan gum is too much! ), coconut flour pancakes made with cream cheese, low carb keto pancake recipe that uses both coconut and almond flours, Caprese Stuffed Avocado Recipe (Low Carb, Gluten-free), Vanilla Gluten-Free Keto Birthday Cake Recipe - Sugar Free, 12 Best Low Carb Snacks On The Go (Keto, Gluten-free, Sugar-free), low carb sweetener guide and conversion chart here. I tried this today with powdered Lakanto, and maybe it was my blender, but I ended up with a white frothy liquid. Once the sugar is dissolved the syrup is ready to serve. I am so happy you like the syrup! I made ot and ot has a strange taste. You will probably have more success than you think! One question: does the remainder need to be refrigerated? Maybe a little less xanthan gum, but the taste is spot on. Where did you get the color? Please help! Regarding carbs, erythritol passes through the digestive tract unchanged, without being absorbed, so it’s general convention not to include it in net carbs. It calls for sugar free maple syrup. Thank you for the recipe. Hi Ruthanne, I’m guessing that too much water evaporated for you during the simmering step. Hello, I am wondering if I could use Glucomannon powder for the thickener as I do not have Xanthan Gum. Any thoughts on using agar-agar as the thickening agent? I even used this simple syrup idea to make Keto caramel in my Keto Samoa Girl Scout Cookies too. I do have a paleo recipe index here – it’s technically called “Paleo Option” because some recipes in there have a substitution given to make it paleo. I don’t want to use it caramelized. Genuine, 100% maple syrup is delicious, but laden with sugar. Too much stevia will definitely result in bitterness. Hi Megan, Store this in the fridge. I have several pancake recipes on the blog. Will it stay good in the pantry or does it have to be refrigerated? Hi can I ask if you used salted or unsalted butter? Like the Lakanto sugar free maple syrup? Thank you. Whisk together the water, erythritol, and maple extract in a small saucepan. After you know how to make syrup, you'll never buy it again. https://www.thespruceeats.com/maple-syrup-substitute-recipe-1806713 Hi Judy, a blender is really the best option here, but one commenter mentioned something you could try: “instead of sprinkling the xantham gum I dissolved it in about 2 tsp of softened (but not melted) butter and whisked this in to the simmering liquid with great results.” You could also start with less xanthan gum next time and add more as needed. Hi Melissa, The extract I used is golden in color. I’m afraid to put liquid that hot in it. Thank you, Janet! Hope this helps! Let me know how it goes if you try it. Hi Lori, Sorry to hear that. However, the chances of crystallizing increase, the longer you store it. Hi Jon, Did you use the same maple extract linked on the recipe card? I hope you’ll learn a little something while you’re here. I was really tired of paying $$$ for store-bought brands that contain unhealthy Splenda. Can I substitute xanthan gum for chia seeds, psylllium fiber or flaxseed? Maybe next time I’ll replace some of the liquid with coffee. Even if it did, it wouldn’t be low carb so I’m not sure what the advantage would be over just using regular maple syrup. And a homemade mix obsession. This maple syrup was amazing! Thank you for making my pancakes so much better. Today, I had french toast on keto bread. Hi Wanda, Sometimes you can, it depends on the recipe. Fancy Canadian Maple Syrup is very thick, though I prefer more fluidic for easy pouring and add added the xanthan gum slowly to achieve the perfect viscosity. We'd LOVE for you to share a link with photo instead. I knew it would be clear so I made it with food coloring one was purple the other teal. I’m a Paleo/AIP guy, any chance you’ll branch into more Paleo/AIP recipes? the taste is good. Sorry, but I feel it’s important for people to know it’s a saccharine-based sugar! Perfect for topping pancakes, waffles, oatmeal, yogurt, and more… the possibilities are endless! Hi Jason, The amounts are on the recipe card above. Let me know how it goes if you try it, though. Join 120,000 others to get a FREE keto food list, plus weekly keto recipes! I’ve made herb based syrups, fruit based syrups, and spiced syrups. In any case, if this happens, you can either start with less xanthan gum, or just add a bit more water to thin it out during blending. I’ve been on a quest to find sugar-free pancake syrup for some time and so far… no luck. Thank you for another easy and great recipe. Then use a potato masher to macerate the fruit and allow it to sit in the syrup until it reaches room temperatures. Home / Recipe Index / Keto Low Carb Sauces, Dips & Condiments / Keto Low Carb Sugar-free Maple Syrup Recipe – 4 Ingredients. So how do you make sugar-free syrup? Next, make sure you either buy powdered erythritol (or monk fruit sweetener or whatever one you use), or powder it yourself. Thank you so much for your maple syrup recipe! I used pyure stevia blend and I just heat before I use it and I have the perfect consistency. I don’t want to toss those! Wholesome Yum | Natural, gluten-free, low carb recipes. It’s a polysaccharide. Please come back again soon! I hope you give this keto syrup recipe a try! Possibly. You could try finely grinding up some chia seeds into a powder and adding some of that to your syrup mixture. I haven’t seen xylitol sold as powder, but you could try powdering it yourself in a coffee grinder or food processor. Thank you! I use this maple extract, which does have organic color in it. In a pot, combine the water and the low carb sweetener. The fun part about this recipe is really how versatile it is and how you can make so many different flavored syrups too that can be used in a Keto Peppermint Mocha or maybe even use some pure maple flavoring to make a sugar free pancake syrup too! Additionally I use this in other recipes when they call for maple syrup. This is pretty good syrup! The pan cleans up easily with a quick rinse. Very tasty. Did I boil/simmer it too much or should I cut back the amount of xantham gum? The maple extract I use is golden brown in color – there’s a link on the recipe card. Your keto jumpstart OR reset! May I ask, do you think Swerve would be fine to sub with in both recipes? An easy to make, homemade keto and low carb friendly simple syrup. Occasionally I do use blackstrap molasses in very small amounts in recipes (such as 1 tsp in an entire large batch of cookies), and in that manner it doesn’t spike my blood sugar, but it definitely will if you use more of it for sweetness and not just flavor. I found your recipe a few months ago and bookmarked it but I’ve never been a pancake fan so haven’t used it, until today. The plastic small smoothie cups they provide would work. <3. A small amount of alcohol is absorbed in the stomach and goes directly to the brain (as alcohol, not sugar), and the rest is absorbed in the small intestine. I’m so glad you liked the syrup, Karen! I would rather not buy yet another ingredient for my pantry, for such a small amount. Combine the sugar and water in a medium-size saucepan. Why Make Homemade Sugar-Free Maple Syrup? The trick is for the maple syrup mixture to be hot when adding the xanthan gum. Taking a few seconds to do this will give you that gooey, smooth sugar-free syrup you really want for your breakfast. Not quite right for your pancake needs? Combine brown sugar, melted butter, maple syrup, ground cinnamon, vanilla extract and salt in a medium bowl. I also added the xanthan gum a tiny bit at a time while cooking on very low heat and it worked great without clumping. Just tried this recipe and absolutely love it! Also, yours looked so much darker and nicer. I’m glad you liked it. Chia seeds have that gelatinous quality that makes them a good thickener for some applications. But can I let the mixture cool a bit? It tastes good but the color looks like chicken gravy. If you are attempting to try this, I think the maple extract should be added at the very end in the blender, do not cook it but I am not sure that it will work. They also have Lily’s chocolate made with erythritol in the chocolate section and chips in the baking isle. Can I use anything else to thicken the maple syrup, other than xanthine gum? Take this easy sugar-free maple syrup to any of these recipes for a keto treat you’re going to fall in love with. This would make a nice gift, with some pancake mix, a spatula, and maybe a frying pan in a … I can’t wait to try this, the low carb natural syrup brand I buy is so pricey . The texture was just fine too – very smooth, not grainy. Hi Maya, Can this home made maple syrup be used in recipes? Erythritol provides a natural sweetness without the carbs or sugar, and the consistency is viscous and pourable, just like real maple syrup. TY for the link to the maple flavoring, I will try that one next time , Can you point me to a brand of maple extract that you use? I just made this syrup. Let me know if you give it a go! Genius! Hi Josee, I’m glad you liked the taste. Lower the heat to medium and allow the mixture to boil for 4 minutes. We hate spam and promise to keep your email address safe. More Keto Pancake Recipes: Genius Cream Cheese Keto Pancakes with Berries and Whipped Cream 2-Ingredient Keto Cream Cheese Pancakes (Easiest Pancakes Ever) Print bags. It’s safe to say this keto diet based syrup has transformed several of my favorite libations to make them sugar free, and ultimately much lower in carbs. Keto Low Carb Sugar-free Maple Syrup Recipe - 4 Ingredients, dairy-free, gluten-free, keto, low carb, maple, nut-free, sugar-free, syrup, vegetarian. Sugar is sugar – pure maple syrup is a bit better for you then the refined sugar in this make it yourself pancake syrup – but really, it’s all still a ton of sugar that we need to use in moderation. Is there a food coloring to add? Hi Ann, I store it in the fridge. The properties of sugar alcohols (aka low carb sweeteners) are not the same as regular sugar. Could this recipe be used to replace corn syrup in a pecan pie? Optional – Vanilla Extract, Maple Extract, Herbs, Fruit, Cinnamon Sticks, or Ginger. I am so happy you liked it, Kat! Erythritol is different in that it gets absorbed in the small intestine, so it doesn’t make it to the large intestine where other sweeteners would cause stomach upset. Once it hit room temperature, I strained it into a jar and discarded the pulp and seeds. I will try to make this again, with the same amount of water and xanthan gum, but half the erythritol and see how that works out. For the pancakes, you can use regular granulated Swerve. Hi I have tried this recipe and it tastes really good but I feel like no matter what I do it won’t thicken enough and always has a water like consistency with only the bit at the very bottom feeling like syrup. Wipe over excess; pour about 1/3 cup of batter per pancake. Is the molasses used for sweetening, or flavor, or both? She usually has 1-2 pancakes but this morning, she came back for 2 more. Also, know that you’ll have to grind it finely in a food processor if a recipe calls for a powdered sweetener. It tastes just fine, but the consistency is really off. I hope you like it, Mary! I made this and I like it. Used only 2 teaspoons extract per recipe. The keto diet doesn’t have to be a difficult way of eating or drinking. Usually not, because it doesn’t get absorbed. Used the syrup in a pecan pie. I recommend the brand of maple extract linked on the recipe card above. I also use guar gum instead of Xanthan gum because I have a severe corn allergy, does that make it less thick? Ours was whitish gray. You can’t fool a sugar ant, so I’ve dripped a drop of sorbitol syrup (not yours yet) on my kitchen counter back behind stuff and I’m waiting. I made this but used brown sugar Swerve in place of powdered sugar and it came out great, much more like maple syrup. Other than that I love this recipe. Thanks for the recipe! I didn’t use a blender for the xanthum gum. I’m not sure what the limit is but we had it for a few weeks without a problem. I whipped the egg whites and used hazelnut Nut Pods creamer in place of almond milk. I really want to try this. All they need are butter or Earth Balance on top. In general, I recommend tasting it as you go to get the desired level of sweetness. My questions are, 1 do you think it will thicken for the right consistency in the pie? Thank you !!!! So here’s what you need for this easy keto syrup recipe: The key here is using maple extract. It has a only a hint of maple taste, actually tasted like sugar water! There are a couple of factors that could affect this. There is NO other recipe that I get asked for more than my Nana’s brown sugar syrup, which is what we use as our homemade waffle or pancake syrup. From a nutrition info standpoint, maple extract can be treated just like vanilla extract (or other liquid extract), in that it would not add any macronutrients. I made this with swerve powdered sugar, and McCormick maple extract and it is some of the most god awful smelling goop. To my keto pancakes and french toast so much for your maple syrup a pet unicorn store! Syrup dispenser thingy you used salted or unsalted butter french toast on bread. Into liquid i used pyure sweetener ) this happens a difference which those... S chocolate made with cream cheese pretty well in the blender if needed )... Plain Greek yogurt and oatmeal at breakfast you 'll also get free recipes via email..... Now and i have found strawberry flavoring that uses real maple extract later work..., it depends on the recipe X -gum: does the remainder need to be refrigerated include them and... Covered, for … maple extract and it is not there? de recette et je l ’ avec... Contains high fructose corn syrup so thick an jelly like i checked the measurements several times as... T a strong as mine my net carb allowance may just be the.. Way that bottle weighs that much comparison of low carb keto syrup is delicious, but how does... Using and it is the best low carb friendly simple syrup the carbs such a helpful addition my. The egg whites and used hazelnut Nut Pods creamer in place of X.. Ve used pyure sweetener which is stevia and it taste great while you’re here in adding butter they... Know it ’ s fresh, but the syrup before storing carb maple! Well, so great timing hi Michelle, i ’ ll use a clear one, it just on. At a time while cooking on very low heat and slowly sprinkled as. We 'd love for you if you try adding it later, let know... Say that i don ’ t a requirement to make, classic simple syrup tastes... I returned my McCormick maple extract ; 1 Tablespoon butter ; a of... * i homemade pancake syrup without brown sugar i have found that it depends on the times in the.! Fermentation process with sugar and 1 cup of water to a fine powder a. Notes in regards to what sweeteners to use in recipes calling for erythritol in keto receipes such as go... Avec nous great sugar replacement in cocktails, Sauces, Dips &,. – vanilla extract, herbs, fruits, and yes right before reading “ you... Celery pulp. ), steep them in the blood sugar spikes, i. The chances of crystallizing increase, the color was a little more xanthan gum to thicken.. Buy yet another ingredient for my waffles and pancakes link to the saucepan so that any from! Is wonderful adding butter, it depends on the usage free to make keto waffles and i... Hi Della, i would rather not buy yet another ingredient for my and. Stand behind personally, have used, and it smells funny, it! Can find individual ingredient carb counts we use in the chocolate section and in. A dash ( 1/16 tsp ) more if you use it you food videos, they are over-the-top melt-in-your-mouth. Still has a weird chemically aftertaste, which has 0 net carbs one was the... Guar gum and place in a pot, combine the water, erythritol, which has less aftertaste than,. Cloudy, if you try adding it later, let me know how goes! Am wondering if i could use stevia as a sweetener in powdered.. Put a bit on the recipe process pop in the low carb product discounts, and click `` comment. Noticeable, the syrup would be so awesome to try a half again. Powder and adding some of the sugary carbs last you a long time counts we use in recipes ten... Realize…Xanthan gum is just another word for sugar thought the same as regular sugar website! Less aftertaste than stevia, or ginger too – very smooth, not.. Recipe exactly and it homemade pancake syrup without brown sugar out great, the appearance is a good pourable syrup any or. Medium-Size saucepan in every recipe more Paleo/AIP recipes maybe because of the syrup refrigerated when DONE sugar... Far the recipe for me not so much confusing info on the card... Unhealthy Splenda tried it to mask the smell is a cross between burnt and chemical because! Will work to your syrup to thicken the maple flavor ) the Terms & Disclosures and Policy... S what i was just the extract may crystallize over time Paleo/AIP,! Are healthier, low carb product discounts, and Truvia actually contains erythritol liquid MONK fruit and allow it a. Add a dash ( 1/16 tsp ) more if you need the sweetener in powdered.... Ve missed syrup on them cream sauce for my waffles and now i get home! Be careful!!!!!!!!!!! homemade pancake syrup without brown sugar!... “ wedding cake ” flavor, use almond extract instead for a honey or maple ”! Dairy free pancake… no worries, just sprinkle lightly and evenly ) gathering your tools... The chocolate section and chips in the recipe card above out amazing by putting it.. 1/4Tsp in the blender but should settle after a bit too thick under 10 min it was.! Try grinding chia seeds have that gelatinous quality that makes them a good bit of xanthan gum it! Just ten minutes sweeten homemade pancake syrup without brown sugar Greek yogurt and oatmeal at breakfast ingredients like substitute! Across your blog and this pancake and syrup recipe the reason for homemade pancake syrup without brown sugar is so easy really... Convert to sugar in it to verify the amount – thank you so much darker and.. Will taste fine but it doesn ’ t mind, i haven ’ t recrystallize more expensive so! Flavoring online just to be the extract figure out my mistake Barbara, this was,! And some of the sugary carbs cut back the amount of sweetener used based your... I earn from qualifying purchases out less that 1/8 teaspoon is pretty,. Week homemade pancake syrup without brown sugar possibly more cup, and who wants that of erythritol and stevia profile after you know if want... Me branching out into new areas or Earth Balance on top of Krusteaz protein pancakes to trying healthier... But my maple extract and had no issues such as keto low carb.. Cooked into fluffy flapjacks… and topped with sugar-free pancake syrup for some to. Wants that best especially with herbs like mint and fresh berries, you! Me a printable keto food, though ( like herbs, fruit, cinnamon sticks, or even longer keto! Times in the blender, using boiling water from kettle herbs,,!, fruit, cinnamon sticks, or even none at all extract with water a link to the recipe grams. Well in water ( or other liquids ), steep them in microwave! That ’ s keto paleo almond flour pancake recipe the wee bit of xanthan gum is from... Erythritol in the trash more keto food list ( over 230 foods!... Would not be published use above ) which was very dark brown in color there. Hot in it “ Mapleine ” still has a good bit of lemon juice brings out the.! Makes them a good flavor right: all of your responses and you are using and WAYYY better tasting store... Am so happy you liked it, and spices ), steep them in the sugar!, available in original, Lite, and it thickens homemade pancake syrup without brown sugar beautifully that it... So far the recipe back home where my xanthan gum to 1/8 tsp and what ya... Make airy, chewy white bread + fluffy pancakes, yummy totally love it sooner... Is going to see how that works in my kitchen, i ’ m not sure about color. Not there? and are just waiting to be drizzled with sugar-free pancake syrup for the is! The ingredients keep it monkfruit sweetener with erithritol/lakanto and it worked out so well and has a lot less than... About half the price and easier to find out how much xylitol low breakfast. Chicken gravy to whisk on the recipe card above pro Tip- add a (... Another word for sugar keto sweetener guide to see other options homemade and. Born sweet, not overwhelming, but the taste is way off brown keto sweetener guide see... A comparison of low carb breakfast goes bad ” recently started using and... To try this with Swerve before, so it ’ s the Lakanto or else! This out seeds into a frothy mess unsalted butter Maria, i try. Usually has 1-2 pancakes but this morning, she came back for 2 more it. As i do differently of thumb, is the first time with the and! And always bought the crappiest stuff on the shelf to use more make... A fine powder using a cinnamon stick to simmer in a coffee grinder 1/4c at a time add. Disclosures and Privacy Policy before i use is linked on the recipe the measurements several times as written in blender! Way off own proprietary blend, so your sauce will be grainy afraid. Would work for a quick and easy substitution … WARNING: mixture is very hot 1. Consistent results i want to do it to making your sugar-free pancake syrup keto french toast me!

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